Monday, October 11, 2004


From the always provocative Jonah Goldberg over at NRO, comes this.

How could Bush think he could pull this thing off? I mean, knowing as he did that there were no WMDs in Iraq, how could he invade the country and think no one would notice? And if he's capable of lying to send Americans to their deaths for some nebulous petro-oedipal conspiracy no intelligent person has bothered to make even credible, why on earth didn't he just plant some WMDs on the victim after the fact? If you're willing to kill Americans for a lie, surely you'd be willing to plant some anthrax to keep your job.

I especially like the bit about the "petro-oedipal conspiracy." (But, as they say, read the whole thing).

Why is it that some people are willing to believe the most outlandish tales about our own officials, but won't even consider, for even a moment, that other nation's leaders might have some nefarious intentions of their own? I especially find it exasperating to listen to someone lay out a torturous theory that supposedly explains the "true motivation" of the administration in deciding to invade Iraq. Without fail, these theories presuppose a cabal of twisted geniuses who cook up needlessly complex plots to enrich themselves by a few million dollars. Maybe I don't understand the mindset of these folks because I haven't been huffing Krylon and watching Michael Moore flicks. Not that I plan on starting to do either of those things, however. I enjoy having whatever loose grip on reality I still possess.