Sunday, October 17, 2004

Fall in Baghdad

Gone are the 120 degree days. Gone too are the blast-furnace winds and the swirling dust devils. It actually rained a few days ago. It wasn't a downpour, just a sprinkle, but it came as a great relief to we Americans who aren't used to desert summers. The Iraqis seemed to feel the change too: the cooler air and the little sprinkle seems to have heralded a different, more relaxed attitude. The children have started to return to school, and they all seem very eager and happy about it (even if many of the little boys seem to take an hour or so to walk to school, making frequent stops to waste time in some way or another, but I suppose some things, like schoolboys ditching classes to mess around, are universal). As nice as this all is, I still wish I could see the hills of home covered in the riot of color that mid-October brings. Maybe next year.